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Digital Marketing Specialist at Zarget


The digital marketing specialist will be responsible for creating, planning and executing comprehensive and innovative digital marketing programs aimed at generating demand for our product in alignment with sales and marketing objectives.


The specialist goal is to improve continuously the level of digital marketing skills across the company thereby delivering measurable return on our overall digital advertising spend, as well as deliver operational efficiencies through improved tools and processes. Success is achieved with the optimization of search and display marketing campaigns and programs as measured by key metrics: e.g. impressions, clicks-through-rate, traffic, customer acquisition, all forms of conversion, revenue, etc. 


In this role, you not only dig in and elevate the data, but you also execute against it to improve our digital marketing programs. The role isn't just developing a strategy but the executing against it. 


Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Manage, execute and ensure ongoing optimization on all aspects of digital marketing. This includes a website, blog, SEM, SEO, email sends, list management, keyword research, and online advertising and promotions from deployment to measurement.
  • Proactively review and maintain all online content to ensure it is aligned with the overall product objectives. 

Digital Campaign Creation and Management:

  • Manage all digital campaign execution including design, deliverability, testing, automation rules, notifications, optimization, and analysis.
  • Create and maintain campaign landing pages, ensuring best practices for mobile - conduct A/B testing and improve usability based on buyer personas.
  • Support the planning and execution of various marketing activities - including email, webinars, third-party syndication and PPC - to deliver and nurture quality sales leads.
  • Ensure the creation, categorizing, import, and assignment of individual leads and sales and marketing lists.
  • Create and manage the lead scoring structure and guide changes to increase sales efficiency and effectiveness from inbound leads.
  • Develop, test and refine components of our digital marketing mix (lists, e-mail templates, landing pages, offers, advertising, etc.) and continuously improve campaign effectiveness.
  • Work with PPC management vendor to optimize PPC programs and their effectiveness.
  • Articulate digital marketing campaign details such as objectives, target audience, key message, project plans, initiatives, program sequencing, metrics, and opportunities.

Market and Campaign Analysis/Research:

  • Conduct keyword research, competitor analysis, and prospective client analysis to identify areas of opportunity such as marketing positioning, s


  • 5+ years proven SEM/SEO and online marketing experience in a B2B SaaS company or product marketing.
  • A passion for disciplined planning, execution, and coordination. Tenacious fact-based analysis and ROI mindset.
  • Proven ability to influence process improvement and positive change in a matrixed organization.
  • Robust presentation and written communications skills in organizing data, telling a story and making it relevant.
  • A practical focus on achieving the appropriate financial alignment among business goals, best practices, and advanced enabling tools & technology.