Disclaimer: Cyber fraud

16th November, 2021. Mumbai: In furtherance of our disclaimer dated 19th August, 2021 (available at Disclaimer-Cyber-fraud), Matrix Partners India has subsequently identified various fake websites, mobile applications, Facebook profiles, WhatsApp groups, individual WhatsApp users, under the name of Matrix Partners,x Matrix Fund, Matrix etc., which continue to solicit funds and investments from the public at large. The said mobile applications, websites, Facebook profiles, WhatsApp groups/users contain contents and details from Matrix Partners India’s official website and are impersonating as official applications/ pages/ websites of Matrix Partners India, in order to deceive the public. The only official website of Matrix Partners is www.matrixpartners.in.

In this context, Matrix Partners India categorically reiterates that any such websites other than our official website (www.matrixpartners.in) and any other mobile application, Facebook profile, WhatsApp group/users or any other online/social media account(s) under the name of Matrix Partners, Matrix Fund, Matrix etc. are an unauthorised use of Matrix Partners India’s name and goodwill and do not belong to Matrix Partners India. The said websites, applications, profiles, accounts are not connected/ affiliated/ owned/ managed/ operated by Matrix Partners India in any way. Matrix Partners India categorically clarifies that it does not have any mobile application, Facebook page, WhatsApp account and further does not undertake any business or solicit funds through its any such medium.

As mentioned earlier, there are fraudsters pretending to be employees of Matrix Partners India and are approaching the public for unlawful gains and other fraudulent motives. For the sake of awareness and security, Matrix Partners India again strongly advises the public at large to exercise utmost caution while involving in any dealings with such scrupulous and fraudulent websites, mobile applications, Facebook pages, WhatsApp accounts and any other online/ social media account(s).

Please note that upon reporting of these illegal activities by Matrix Partners India, in September 2021, the Cyber Economic and Narcotics Crime Branch, Police Station, East Division, Bengaluru has registered a First Information Report and is investigating these fraudulent incidents.

Matrix Partners India will not be responsible for the commission of any offence(s) or liabilities, arising in relation to use of such websites, mobile applications, Facebook pages, WhatsApp accounts and any other online/ social media accounts.