The Digitizing Make in India Summit 2.0

12th March 2024
06:30 PM Onwards

The Digitizing Make In India Summit (DMII)

The Digitizing Make in India Summit (DMII), India's largest B2B conference, is dedicated to propelling entrepreneurship in the expansive B2B and advanced manufacturing sector. Covering diverse domains such as electronics manufacturing, electric vehicles, renewable energy, semiconductor, and chip design, DMII aims to propel India towards a formidable 10 trillion-dollar economy.

The resounding success of the DMII 1.0 event in 2023 underscored its significance, attracting over 200 startups and ecosystem players in the B2B realm. Distinguished panelists, including luminaries such as Amitabh Kant (G20 Sherpa, Government of India), Asish Mohapatra (Co-founder and CEO, Ofbusiness), Jai Shroff (Global CEO, UPL), Srinath (Co-founder, Zetwerk), Scott Shleifer (Co-Founder, Tiger Global), Sanjiv Rangrass (Ex - Agri-business CEO, ITC), Ravishankar Cherukuri (Ex CEO, Monsanto), and others, contributed to the event.

Digitizing Make In India 2.0

This year, DMII 2.0 will engage investors, global MNC leaders, and visionary start-up founders on a larger scale. We will also unveil our state-of-the-sector report, "Digitizing Make in India 2.0 - Opportunities and Challenges in Manufacturing," created in collaboration with our esteemed knowledge partners, BCG.

At Matrix, we ardently champion B2B and manufacturing as the driving forces behind India's growth. With investments in over 15 companies spanning the B2B commerce and manufacturing spectrum, our commitment is reflected in the DMII Summit and Report, serving as initiatives aimed at uniting the community and fostering entrepreneurship.

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